Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Found some old drawings on my harddrive

I remember having this drawing on the living room wall (framed, no less!) for the longest time. I guess I did this when I was 10 based on the date. Look at that wheelwell, no cliches here!

Pretty sure this was based on the F-40.

Mclaren F1?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Viscom 2 Final

Inspired by a computer game I used to play as a kid: Death Rally. Markers and Pencil

3D Fundamentals 2: Gravity Racer

I would say that this project was the most individually challenging project I've yet had to do at Art Center. The main reason is simply because I was never one of those guys who just loved to build stuff. I've always loved to draw, but making things with my hands was another matter. The project is taught by Dennis Campbell, former design chief at Calty (Toyota), designer of the FJ cruiser concept and all around great guy. The brief was to chose a brand and develop a (nonfunctional) gravity racer based on the brand. My brand was Porsche.

Note: The orange Audi belongs to one of my classmates. I love it because it contrasts so much to my porsche, both in design and color.